Pug-Related Links

Hello All.


We’re just back from a vacation, and we’re working on fresh content (another 9 Questions interview!), but in the meantime, here are two pug-and/or-bike links I have to pass along…

First, I give you a stunning sidecar bike build detailed on Velo Cult: http://velocult.com/2013/07/rando-pug/.


(Note the spelling… PUGeot). If his hair were a little shorter and his pug weighed almost twice as much (19 lbs vs. 31 lbs… good god Gordo is fat), we could almost be twins. I cannot say enough how impressed I am with the amount of work this guy did just to bike his pug around. I may have been out-done in the Equipment department, but until he and Rando do something like D2R2 together, I’m holding onto my Pug-on-a-bike crown.


And second, I present to you a long-form web comic that is so spectacular and strange that I don’t think I can describe it properly… BATTLE PUG.



As soon as I found it, I got sucked into reading the whole thing up to date, and now I am anxiously awaiting new episodes. Seriously, block off some time and go through these. The humor is very, very good and the guy is an incredible artist. A gigantic seal destroys a village, the Jeffersons get a cameo… just incredible reading.


That’s it. See you all soon. Gordo says Hi.